Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

you know who's real sick????????

The Matt's of skateboarding......... C'mon! Matt Rodriguez?!?! Matt Field?!? Matt Simpson?!?! Bahahaha ok the last Matt is kind of a joke, but we all love that guy..... And he rips pretty hard too. But seriously guys, Matt Rodriguez and Matt Field are two of the most influential skateboarders to me personally, many will disagree and completely disrespect these two undeniably creative individuals, but I will stand by opinion on this one.... Ok, go on youtube right after you're done lurking on this and check out some footage by them, get stoked, LOOSEN YOUR TRUCKS, and go shred........ ANYTHING, tranny, a wall, the sidewalk, or even the middle of the road (but be careful because people drive like they're on meth..... oh wait they are.) ok go skate!
Until next time........

mud blogging!

Well as you may already know, I Ben Osborne, am pretty new to this whole blogging game.... So, this is my formal introduction to all you young and old creepy losers reading this weirdness. There will be pictures and videos up soon, might be a long time or a short time or never because I am kind-of a technology tard as some may say............ Yep, this is the start of a long and strange battle between me and the new technologically advanced world that I unfortunately inhabit. I am probably gonna write a bunch of crap that no one really cares about, like bluegrass music, and if you're reading this you probably know that I love stuff that no one really gives two piles of feces about......... and ya know what?? I am just fine with that.
Until next time my fellow creepers...........


Lew set this up for ben today. Ben is a total loser at technology, so check back regularly for no updates and to be bummed on how lame fickle is.