Monday, October 10, 2011


DUDE. I work at the mall.... Yeah, I know.

BUT.... I work at Bad Boards which, contrary to popular belief, (and the name) isn't that bad. There is, given, new ownership and we are forming up an entirely new staff. Basically I'm a manager in "training" and the store is going to be entirely different, from name to aesthetic to products. I'm really excited about it. I 've always wanted to work at a skateshop, and now I get to run one in the mall! I'll take it.

I'm gonna start blogging about the store and what is changing and what stuff we're going to get in real soon. I probably need like a smart phone or something so it might take a minute before I really start this, bear with me here. More updates coming in the next year or so... Probably just a few weeks though.

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  1. hahaha... before you got a chance tomake good on your promise to blog, you drove badboards into the ground...