Saturday, October 30, 2010

instead of....

Well I was going to post about switching trucks but that felt rather boring, instead I'm going to take my ongoing conversation and look at it from a different point of view.

I was recently in a skate shop earlier this week and the conversation that I walked into was about what kids at a local were doing. What they seemingly were doing was apparently "bumming" the older skaters out by doing certain tricks. Now how on Earth could something as simple as "fly-outs" bother someone so much that they wouldn't even set foot on said skatepark after the local school let out??? I can understand not wanting to be bothered by kids when you are trying to enjoy yourself at the park, by why should it matter what those kids are doing? Especially within the realm of skateboarding, where there are no rules.... or so it's been said. This troubled me, that the owner of an influential skateshop would strongly discourage kids from having fun on their skateboards...

On the other hand fly-outs can be rather disruptive to the flow of a skatepark, you have all these kids launching out of a quarterpipe where the course starts and stops, jamming everything up and can be quite dangerous with kids and boards flying everywhere. But, they are still skateboarding and enjoying themselves, which is the most important part.

How could you tell kids that they are"blowing it" when they are being kids and having fun skateboarding?? If you are an influential shop owner and you treat kids and potential customers like so, then YOU sir, are "blowing it". Now I still greatly admire and am close friends with said person, but this whole ordeal is part of what I'm talking about.. Skateboarding can't be a list of "should and should nots" it's just not the nature of this limitless and free activity.


  1. What I mean is that once people start yo the "you should"/"you shouldn't" stuff, the fun levels start to fall.

    At what price criticism? Honestly, if I see a bunch if kids lined up on fly-outs, I'm ALWAYS down to join in for a while. Most of these older elites HAVE kids, so why not be comfortable PLAYING with some kids?

    Perhaps that's the issue. There's no PLAYING LEFT IN SKATEBOARDING for a lot of folks.