Tuesday, October 19, 2010

well to be honest,

I can't exactly keep updating this thing because I skate way too much. Not exactly a bad thing... So me and all the Fickle guys just got back from an amazingly fun skate trip to the beloved parks of Indiana, and I gotta tell ya, the Indy scene is pretty lucky to have so many fun parks in their state. First it was Bloomington, where any and all types of skating are welcome. That park has so many awesome lines and varied obstacles to get weird on... I love it. Then on to Greencastle and Major Taylor to finish up the day. A midnight sesh at M.T. was insane, everyone just unleashed all sorts of unused energy upon everything we could see in the twilight. These guys can pretty much do whatever they want, whenever.... I find it hard to comprehend from time to time, being a guy who has high hi's and very low low's. Oh well, they constantly keep me stoked.

Matt managed to hook us up with an unbelievable hotel where we all got our share of free soda, hot tubs, big screen t.v's and the always unfailing free breakfast bar. Mmmm eggs and salsa! However, all the eggs and beans we consumed didn't mix to well with having 13 dudes in 2 vans.... Complete blow out.

On to Ft. Wayne our gassy and unflappable crew fled where the highlight session of the trip went down. It was pretty insane, bodies flying everywhere in the giant bowl. Native came through with the most beautiful 360 flip I've ever witnessed, man that dude has got some steez. Josh showed us that he didn't exactly care what happened to his body by getting up on the steepest, tallest wall in the park and DESTROYING it. Weston's dreadlocks have taught him how to fly, I have come to believe that they have a mind of their own... Kinda scary. Afterwards it all fell apart in the parking lot, where "Total eclipse of the heart" was blasted and dancing was had. Full on, raging dance circle (jazz hands included) , basically we are the weirdest dudes out, and I think I'm ok with that...

All in all, we just had a great time. I mean that's all you can do with something as free as skateboarding with your friends. So I basically just wanted to say that the best thing you can do on your skateboard is not going out and killing yourself for photo's or video, it's having fun with your friends. Besides, no one really remembers who did what, but we all remember what a fun time we had together.

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