Saturday, October 23, 2010

to shed a bit of light

Although I may be bitter and full of complaints, I would like to shed a bit of light on the single most enjoyable activity that I have partaken in within my Earthly realm.

I love the way that art, music, fashion, personality, character and all those jacked up feelings built inside you come out when you see someone (who has their heart in it) ride a skateboard. The liberating feeling of the wind in your face, the inevitable crack in the sidewalk that always seems to knock you clean off, the slams, the sketchy landings, the "I can't believe I made that" look on someones face and the feeling of artistic completeness all wrapped up in a single leap, bound, fall, or motion. I love knowing that I get gawked at by people who just can't seem to understand why that young man is still riding that "useless toy" around. I love the sound of loose trucks rattling when I pop my board up. I love the feeling of turning. I love knowing that I am making something happen right under my feet. I love that NO one can tell me I'm doing it wrong, it's merely my expression!! I love dancing my way out of what could've been a horrific fall. I love the inspiring and creative people I meet.

I am so thankful that I have gotten to have all these wonderful experiences. I thank God alone for showing me that I have an outlet, that I can do something and be myself. I'm so grateful for the abundance of energy, laughs, and the grace that I have experienced. Skateboarding is truly an amazing and beautiful thing... Think for once in our lives we get to go out and be free!! I still can't get my head around how free and limitless it all is. If only we as a civilization could be as free...

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